Goodmans Soundbar History


Aspect is a high fidelity, wireless Bluetooth speaker designed for when space is at a premium. It can be positioned either horizontally or vertically, delivering a rich, detailed audio upgrade to your TV. Compact and powerful, Aspect is perfect for bedrooms, studys or gamesrooms. With a wide range of connections for maximum flexibility, Aspect lets you make the most of your movies, games and music.


Planar 20 is an affordable upgrade to ehance your TV's audio. Its features include wireless Bluetooth streaming for use with your smartphone and adjustable treble and bass controls. 4 high performance drivers and a digital amplifier combine to give a superior listening experience to standard, tinny TV speakers.


Planar 30 is a compact audio solution suitable for even the smallest spaces. It features wireless Bluetooth streaming for use with your smartphone and preset audio modes so you can adjust your sound to suit your mood. 30W RMS power boosts your listening experience for a deeply enhanced audio performance.


Bring the sound of your TV to life with this Goodmans 45W RMS soundbar. Boost the audio performance of your TV, making voices easier to hear even at low volume, whilst the additonal power delivers a more dramatic experience for music or movies. Preset audio modes mean the right sound set-up is easily and quickly selected.


More power and more drama are guaranteed from Planar 50. The stereo stereo speaker set-up is further enhanced with the addition of two internal sub-woofers, delivering a deep, powerful audio experience. The 50W RMS soundbar is a compact, all-in-one upgrade for TV that delivers improved sound, wireless Blueooth streaming and adjustable audio settings.


Following on from Aspect, Aspect Duo is a compact, high power speaker system that can be used in both horizontal soundbar and vertical stereo positions. The simple twist and click design enables Aspect Duo to quickly and easily switch modes. The smart, metal stand and sleek slimline design combine with a powerful 50W RMS output, wireless Bluetooth streaming and selectable audio modes for the complete TV upgrade.


Planar 60 not only delivers more power but also an increased level of flexibility with the addition of a Digital Optical input, meaning digital quality audio is accurately reproduced from your TV, Set Top Box or games console. With wireless Bluetooth streaming and all the cables you need, connectivity is straightforward and seamless. The internal sub-woofer and 60W RMS power output deliver a room filling, yet accurate audio performance.


With 100W RMS to play with, Planar 100 delivers a big, bold, powerful audio upgrade for flimsy TV speakers. The slimline, 6 driver configuration means accuracy is not sacrificed for the sake of power, with dedicated speakers delivering detailed sound to enhance vocals and reduce listening fatigue. Bluetooth wireless and Optical connections come as standard alongside a backlit, touch panel control.


Base delivers an uncompromised, all in one, audio experience. Your TV sits atop a solid, sleek, wood cabinet, providing the type of powerful performance usualy only availabe with a separate sub-woofer system. This compact, one box solution brings together wireless Bluetooth streaming, 100W RMS power and patented DIRAC Digital Sound Processing to give drama, detail and accuracy to music, movies and games.  6 high performance drivers combine with an acoustically tuned cabinet to deliver an experience that needs to be heard to be be believed.


With the addition of an external sub-woofer, Planar 150 provides a bigger, more dramatic sound but without sacrificing detail. The soundbar delivers excellent vocal performance with a wide soundstage but when more drama and tension are called for, the wired sub-woofer delivers the punch necessary. 150W RMS of power fills the room and adjustable audio settings with preset modes mean you can tune the sound to your preference.