Goodmans Est. 1925

Hello Again

Goodmans is a familiar name to British consumers. We started putting entertainment technology into their hands and homes in 1925.

For decades Goodmans has stood for wide access to enjoyable products. From loudspeakers via in car audio to digital tv, it’s our business to bring innovative products within everyone’s reach.

Now we’re applying this to a wider range of products with a fresh perspective on design and usability. Our ambition is to win a place in customers’ hearts through life-enhancing, accessible technology with a brand to match.

Goodmans Traditional Amplifier

Mission Possible

Technology is increasingly part of how we manage our lives and our well-being. A lot of excitement surrounds this. People aren’t just using devices, they’re falling in love with them.

Goodmans is meeting this opportunity with a strategy of new products and new categories. We’re constantly monitoring trends and aspirations.

And we always make sure our great ideas are enjoyed by as many as possible.

Goodmans Oxford Mustard

Brilliantly Simple

Our new products are inviting and intuitive. They work straight out of the box. They’re up to date with current functions but not overloaded with features.

The beauty of simplifying is that Goodmans offers an up to date, stylish product that’s also widely affordable.

'brilliantly simple' promises the pleasure of surprise - a clever innovation that lifts the user experience.

All things Considered

Our expanding offer is united by a leading idea: all things considered. Every Goodmans product is the outcome of careful thought.

Goodmans Node Clock Radio

The Goodmans Spirit

Britishness, agility and resourcefulness are the hallmarks of our heritage and style.

This spirit is captured in our squirrel symbol, a smart friendly mascot.

A squirrel is an amazing creature; storing nuts for the winter is simple, remembering where they are is brilliant.

You will start to see the goodmans symbol appear in various forms on our new products.

Goodmans ICON bookshelf Speaker